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HExS Video

Latest video for Heat Exchanger Suite (HExS) Features and demonestration 00:00:00 Features00:05:11 Air cooled heat exchanger design (ACHex) – Saved example demo00:09:26 Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex) – Saved example demo00:13:51 Shell and tube condenser design (CnD) – Saved example demo00:17:47 Kettle reboiler design (KRD) – Saved example demo00:21:26 Gasketed plate heat exchanger design (PHex) – Saved example demo00:24:01 Helical coil heat exchanger design…

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VTD Video

Vertical thermosiphon design demonstration video Example 1 English / US Units Example 2 – SI Units Features 00:01:12 Water and steam properties00:02:16 Fouling factors00:02:46 Heat transfer coefficients00:03:00 Material thermal conductivity00:03:24 Units converter00:04:09 Fluids user database for storing custom properties00:04:40 Importing physical properties Storing data in fluids user database

Helical coil heat exchanger design

HCHex Video

Example video Time Line 00:00:00 Example00:02:43 Temperature Profile00:06:56 Adding multiple cases demonstration Features and interface video Time line 00:00:05 Interface00:02:11 Some features00:02:28 Units converter00:02:50 Units of measurements00:03:13 Thermal conductivities of materials00:03:35 Set default units of measurements00:03:55 Adding a user defined Nusselt number correlation

Double pipe heat exchanger video

This video clip demonstrates the feature for double pipe heat exchanger (DHex) software Oil Heat Exchanger Example General timeline: 00:00:00 Example 00:02:53 Temperature Profile 00:08:02 How to add a heat transfer coefficient correlation Software features example General timeline: 00:00:00 General Features 00:01:46 Importing physical properties from software database file 00:03:00 Units of measurement and Units Converter 00:04:12 User Databases 00:05:47 Nusselt number correlations add your…

Shell & Tube Heat exchanger Video

Latest video clip for that demonstrates the use of shell and tube heat exchanger design (S&THex) software. The video explores some features and shows an example. Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – interface (Software version v3.6.0) Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – Case study automation (Software version v3.6.0) Time line 00:00:09 Study Parameters 1 – Outside diameter, Number of…

Kettle reboiler design video

This video clip demonstrates the features of Kettle reboiler design (KRD) software Kettle Reboiler Design (KRD) / software version 3.0 This video includes 00:00:00 – Software Features 00:02:09 – Design Example (Organic liquid – Steam Kettle reboiler) 00:13:20 – Design Example (Oil – Gasoline Kettle reboiler)

Condenser design video

This video clip demonstrates the features for Shell and tube condenser design (CnD) software Video Contents 00:00:00 Main screen menus and buttons 00:01:01 Units converter 00:01:32 Tube Counts 00:02:08 Fouling Factors 00:02:29 User Data input screens 00:04:02 Overall heat transfer coefficients & BWG 00:06:03 Example 1 – SI Units 00:12:11 Example 2 – US Units 00:17:31 Importing physical properties

Process Eng Calculator Video

This video demonstration is a compilation of different versions on the software. it includes examples for each calculator included in this software. Timeline00:00:10 Exploring menus and buttons, features including fouling factors, physical properties, units converter, water and steam properties00:04:48 API Gravity Calculator00:05:25 Cavitation Coefficient Calculator00:06:26 Cavitation Number Calculator00:07:20 Control Valve Sizing Calculator00:10:17 Erosional Velocity Calculator00:11:29 Head Loss Calculator00:12:23 Heat Exchanger Temperature Calculator00:13:27 Heat Duty Calculator…

Plate heat exchanger Video

This is the latest video clip to demonstration all Gasketed plate heat exchanger (PHex) software features. General Features – Time line This video explores how to access general features in this software00:00:13 Hiding and unhiding tool bars and button panels00:00:34 Available measurement units00:00:43 Units converter00:01:08 Fluids and Plates databases to store user fluids and plate geometries00:01:40 Fouling Factors00:02:24 Overall heat transfer coefficients00:02:32 Material Thermal conductivity…