Commonly asked questions

Q1: If I make a purchase when do I get the software?

A1: You will be provided with a download link to download the software and install it, you will also be provided with activation instructions to get you started right away.

Q2: Does your product provided on a CD-ROM?

A2: No, the software is provided as a download link after purchase, digital file backup service is also offered during purchase.

Q3: Do you have a contact telephone number?

Unfortunately due to the high number of nuisance and spam calls we received in the past we don’t provide a sales telephone line. The website contains all information needed to investigate the software and see if it fits your purpose. If you do have a question that was not answered please feel free to email it to us and we will do our best to provide the answer.

Q4: Can you help me design my heat exchanger?

Designing heat exchangers require data and time our support is limited to general enquiries and software issues

Q5: Will you product do Mechanical and CAD design?

No only thermal design – some products such as S&THex will provide some recommendations on Mechanical design based on TEMA Standards

Q6: What if I lost my license can I get it back?

You will have a 24/7 access to our activation center where you can manage all your licenses. There is a procedure to follow to retrieve your license from the computer you used the license on. If you lost the computer unfortunately you will need to purchase a replacement license. Unless you have a valid maintenance plan then your license will be replaced. Software maintenance plans are offered during the purchase process.

Q7: Do you provide free software upgrades?

Upgrades are normally provided at a discounted price to all customers and free for customers with a valid maintenance plan.

Q8: Do you provide a FULL VERSION TRIAL?

No there is only a Demo Version with limited functionality

Q9: If I don’t get to Trial a full version then how would I know if this product is suitable or no?

Every product has a video clip that demonstrates its features and functionality as well as a demo example. I you follow the screens and download the demo version you will have enough information to determine if the product is suitable or not.

Q10: Why are you refusing to provide a Full functionality demo version?

Nothing personal the reason is to protect the software from piracy and copyright infringement and to give our customers a unique experience.

Q11: Do you provide bulk order discounts?

Yes all large orders are discounted during the purchase. If you have any special requirement please feel free to let us know.

Q12: I would like to help spread the word about your products, do you have anything to help me with this task?

You are free to use the videos, links, screenshots on this website, if you require something else please drop us an email “sales at webbusterz dot com”

Q13: I would like to sell your software how do I go about this?

Please check our Affiliate Section on this website.

Q14: Could you supply tax information?

As we  sell our software through FastSpring, our reseller, FastSpring will be the vendor of record in this transaction.

FastSpring’s W9 info is here:
FastSpring’s contact info can be found here (see “I’m a buyer”):

Q15: Is the software license permanent or does it have an expiry date?

Single user licenses are permanent providing you follow the license activation and removal instructions we provide during your purchase. You risk losing the license if you didn’t follow the license removal instructions.

we have no means to telling that the license isn’t being installed on different machines, so every license is unique and need to be removed from the computer to be transferred to a different computer.

Network license are not permanent and they generally expire after 3 years.

Q16 What if I forgot to remove my license from my computer is there a way to still use the same license?

If you format your computer and forgot to remove the license you can still follow our license recovery procedure, it will reset your license allowing you to re-activate it on the computer you installed the license on. You can then remove the license and install it on a different computer.

Q17 What if I don’t have access to the computer that I had the license installed on, will I still be able to use my license on another computer?

Unfortunately no, if you don’t have access to the computer you had the licence installed on then you can’t retrieve your license, you will need to purchase another license.

we have no means to telling that the license isn’t being installed on different machines, so every license is unique and need to be removed from the computer to be transferred to a different computer.

My question has not been answered

If your question has not been answered please contact us and will get back to you with a response as soon as possible. We aim to answer all customer support requests within 24 hours.