Every product sold includes a help file and have demonstrations videos to help with getting you up and running, the videos are available on this website and on YouTube. There are also instructions available in pdf and video to help you understand how to add and how to remove a license as well as a Knowledge base that provide support in different topics though webbusterz support center

In some occasions a customer would require further software support to explain to them how use a software feature, as this does require extra time and resources. This service is offered to tackle some of these issues.

What the Service include?

Help with understanding how to use a feature in the software.
This help includes any of the following:

  1. Providing you with commented screen shots and instructions on the feature you have difficulty in using
  2. ¬†Short video on how to use a feature, if after step “1” you still have difficulty in understanding how to use a future in any of our products.

What the Service doesn’t include?

  1. Help with designing or checking your work with regards to our software.
  2. Obtaining physical properties for your project
  3. Other issues that are not software related.

How does it Work?

Follow the purchase link for Software Support (Premium service per hour) on the Buy Now page to purchase software support.
You will then need to email support at webbusterz.com with the issue you have. If you have any questions with regards to this service please contact us

Service Cost: $150 USD per Hour