vertical thermosiphon reboiler software

VTD Video

Vertical thermosiphon design demonstration video Example 1 English / US Units Example 2 – SI Units Features 00:01:12 Water and steam properties00:02:16 Fouling factors00:02:46 Heat transfer coefficients00:03:00 Material thermal conductivity00:03:24 Units converter00:04:09 Fluids user database for storing custom properties00:04:40 Importing physical properties Storing data in fluids user database

STHex Version History

Below are all the update history for shell and tube heat exchanger design software S&THex v3.6.0.1 + Fixed a bug in license display + Added error check for importing physical properties S&THex v3.6.0.0 + Update error log viewer, the software will now issue messages in the error log that include the following types: ERROR: This type of messages is used for errors in input or…

Shell & Tube Heat exchanger Video

Latest video clip for that demonstrates the use of shell and tube heat exchanger design (S&THex) software. The video explores some features and shows an example. Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – interface (Software version v3.6.0) Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – Case study automation (Software version v3.6.0) Time line 00:00:09 Study Parameters 1 – Outside diameter, Number of…

Condenser design video

This video clip demonstrates the features for Shell and tube condenser design (CnD) software Video Contents 00:00:00 Main screen menus and buttons 00:01:01 Units converter 00:01:32 Tube Counts 00:02:08 Fouling Factors 00:02:29 User Data input screens 00:04:02 Overall heat transfer coefficients & BWG 00:06:03 Example 1 – SI Units 00:12:11 Example 2 – US Units 00:17:31 Importing physical properties