This is the latest video clip to demonstration all Gasketed plate heat exchanger (PHex) software features.

General Features – Time line

This video explores how to access general features in this software
00:00:13 Hiding and unhiding tool bars and button panels
00:00:34 Available measurement units
00:00:43 Units converter
00:01:08 Fluids and Plates databases to store user fluids and plate geometries
00:01:40 Fouling Factors
00:02:24 Overall heat transfer coefficients
00:02:32 Material Thermal conductivity
00:02:39 Accessing the manufacturer’s plate database
00:03:12 Importing physical properties file (files generated using physical properties software included with this product)
00:03:33 Importing physical properties from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
00:03:43 Adding and deleting a Nusselt number correlation / heat transfer correlation

Example – Time line

This video explores the software screens through a loaded example and shows how
calculations are performed in step by step approach.

00:00:15 Switching between Degrees Celsius and Degrees Kelvin
00:00:32 Storing fluid Properties for future use
00:01:07 Accessing the manufacturer’s plate database
00:01:57 Storing Plate geometry in user database for future use
00:03:24 Selecting a heat transfer correlation
00:04:00 Calculating results
00:04:11 Plotting a temperature profile
00:04:49 Results summary screens
00:05:16 Engineering Datasheet
00:05:37 Adding the example to a case list (Creating multiple cases)