Engineering Software tools are listed below:

Heat Exchanger Suite
All heat exchanger software in one software
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heat exchanger suite
Decanter sizing calculator
Size vertical and horizontal decanters
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decanter sizing calculator
Vertical Thermosiphon Reboiler Design
Design vertical thermosiphons using kern method
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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal analysis and calculations for the design of shell
and tube heat exchangers
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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal analysis and calculations for the design of
Gasketed plate heat exchangers
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Condenser Design
Thermal design calculations for shell and tube condensers,
vertical/horizontal condensers
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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design
Size air cooled heat exchangers. Thermal design calculations for
horizontal induced draft and forced draft operation modes.
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Kettle Reboiler Design
Thermal design calculations and analysis of kettle reboilers
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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal analysis and calculations for the design of
double pipe heat exchangers
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Quick Process and Instrumentation Diagram
Draw process and instrumentation diagrams as well as
process flow diagrams
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Quick process and instrumentation diagram
Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Design
Thermal sizing calculations for helical coil heat exchangers
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Helical coil heat exchanger design
Process Engineering Calculator
A collection of 29 calculators bundled under one interface 
New revision
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Relief Valve Sizing Calculator
Size Relief valves based on equations used in API 520 “7th Edition”
and API 521 “4th Edition”
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PhysPro Fluid Properties
Estimate the fluid properties for refrigerants, air and other common fluids
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Orifice Design Calculator
Orifice sizing using ISO5167 2003 and Crane Methods, calculate mass
flow rate plot chart profile
New Reversion
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Pumping Power Calculator
Calculate the pumping power requirements for fluids, Free software
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Linear Interpolation Calculator
Interpolate and find the unknown valve between figures
LMTD Calculator
Log Mean Temperature Difference Calculator
Heat Duty Calculator
Calculate latent and sensible heat transfer rate / heat duty
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Gas Sonic Velocity Calculator
Calculate the sonic velocity of gases
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Mobile applications available on
Google play android market
Pressure Units Converter
Various Sound Effects
LMTD Calculator
Fouling factors database
MMScfd Calculator (Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day)
Pumping power calculator
Linear interpolation Calculator
Heat Duty calculator
Partial Volume of Tank Calculator
Liquid Height in Tanks Calculator
Pipe Diameter Calculator
Gas Sonic Velocity in Pipes Calculator
Wavelength Calculator
Erosional Velocity Calculator
API Gravity Calculator
Pipe Friction Factor
Process Eng Calculator
Cavitation Number
Cavitation Coefficient
Antoine Equation (Vapor pressure calculator)
Temperature Converter