Gas Sonic Velocity calculator, calculates the sonic velocity of a specified gas flowing in a pipe. Sonic velocity is also known as speed of sound. This is mainly the sound velocity of the internal substance in a pipe. This calculator is mainly targets process and chemical engineers whom may find it useful for quick check calculations.

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The calculator needs only the Temperature input to calculate the sonic velocity. The Temperature can be specified in

Degrees Celsius (‘C)
Degrees Fahrenheit (‘F)
Degrees Rankine (‘R)
Degrees Kelvin (‘K)
You can choose “Other” from the selection box and enter your own Specific heats ratio or alternatively enter the Specific heat ratio at constant volume and Specific heat ratio at constant pressure.

The calculated sonic velocity in pipe (speed of sound) output is displayed in 5 different units:

meters per seconds (m/s)
feets per second (ft/s)
inches per second (inch/s)
kilometer per hour (km/h)
miles per hour (mile/h)

Gas sonic velocity main screen

System Requirement:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Microsoft dot net framework 4.0 client profile

There is a mobile version of this application available on Google play

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