Example video

This video demonstrates the latest feature for having no core tube in the vessel.

Example video

This video demonestrates helical coil heat exchanger design (HCHex) software example that requires the specification of heat load or duty.
The example shows also how the software calculates the inlet flow rates also demonestrate the use of phase change fluid on the tube side.

Example video

Time Line

00:00:00 Example
00:02:43 Temperature Profile
00:06:56 Adding multiple cases demonstration

Features and interface video

Time line

00:00:05 Interface
00:02:11 Some features
00:02:28 Units converter
00:02:50 Units of measurements
00:03:13 Thermal conductivities of materials
00:03:35 Set default units of measurements
00:03:55 Adding a user defined Nusselt number correlation