This video demonstration is a compilation of different versions on the software. it includes examples for each calculator included in this software.

00:00:10 Exploring menus and buttons, features including fouling factors, physical properties, units converter, water and steam properties
00:04:48 API Gravity Calculator
00:05:25 Cavitation Coefficient Calculator
00:06:26 Cavitation Number Calculator
00:07:20 Control Valve Sizing Calculator
00:10:17 Erosional Velocity Calculator
00:11:29 Head Loss Calculator
00:12:23 Heat Exchanger Temperature Calculator
00:13:27 Heat Duty Calculator (Heat transfer rate)
00:14:14 Hydraulic Diameter Calculator
00:14:48 Linear Interpolation Calculator
00:15:26 Log Mean Temperature Difference Calculator (LMTD)
00:16:01 Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day Converter (MMScfd converter)
00:16:44 Inlet and Outlet Nozzles pressure drop calculator for Shell and Tube heat exchangers
00:17:01 Orifice Sizing Calculator
00:18:35 Pipe Friction Factor Calculator
00:19:29 Pipe Sizing Calculator
00:20:08 Pumping Power Calculator
00:21:06 Relief Valve Sizing Calculator
00:24:42 Reynolds Number Calculator
00:25:21 Scale Resistance Calculator
00:25:35 Sonic Velocity Calculator
00:26:17 Vapor Pressure Calculator (Antoine Equation)
00:27:25 Velocity in Pipes Calculator
00:28:08 Vessel Volume Calculator
00:29:14 Vessel Liquid Height
00:30:49 Aude Equation
00:31:23 Miller Equation
00:31:57 Shell-MIT Equation
00:32:28 Weymouth Equation