Heat Exchanger Suite Bundle or (HExS) is a collection of heat exchanger software bundled up in one software under one license. This offeres the convenience of having all the heat exchanger design software in one installation. The software includes all the products below, so for features of each product click on the link to read more information.

  1. Shell and tube heat exchanger design (S&THex)
  2. Shell and tube condenser design (CnD)
  3. Helical coil heat exchanger design (HCHex)
  4. Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex)
  5. Vertical thermosiphon design (VTD)
  6. Gasketed plate heat exchanger design (PHex)
  7. Air cooled heat exchanger design (ACHex)
  8. Kettle reboiler design (KRD)

physical properties software is also included but a a separate installation. Two physical properties software are included with the purchase of this heat exchanger suite bundle. User can generate physical properties then import the physical properties into each of the above software.

  1. Physical properties estimation database (PhysProps) – read more about it here
  2. PhysPro Fluid properties – read more about it here

Listed below are some tools within the software interface however each of the software listed above have more tools;

  1. Units converted containg 23 measurements and 200 unit conversions
  2. Water and steam properties
  3. Fouling factors
  4. Material thermal conductivity
  5. Air properties at atmospheric pressure
  6. PProps physical properties tool, contains 500 fluids
  7. Backup and restore tool, to backup all saved settings and user databases along with any saved projects under default saving folder.

Screen shot

This software is updated regularly for latest screen shots please view the screen shot section for each product in the bundle. For the latest update please check out the version history section

main screen for heat exchanger suite
some tools included in heat exchanger suite

More screen shots are available, follow this link to our screen shot page

Video demonestration

For a video demonstration of this software please click here to see is on YouTube. Alternatively click here to see the video on this website

System requirements

Microsoft dot Net 4.8 framework

45 MB free disk space

64 MB Ram

The software should work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11