Below are all the update history for shell and tube heat exchanger design software

S&THex v3.6.0.1

+ Fixed a bug in license display
+ Added error check for importing physical properties

S&THex v3.6.0.0

+ Update error log viewer, the software will now issue messages in the error log that
include the following types:
ERROR: This type of messages is used for errors in input or results, the software will stop until errors are fixed by the user
WARNING: This type of message is used for warning when parameters are exceeded, the software will continue buy some results may be invalid
MESSAGE: This type of message is used for general software informative messages
INFO: This type of message is used to provide additional information and guidance during operation
New Features:
+ Added kern tube counts
+ Automate multiple cases by simply setting the changing parameters and allowing the software to iterate through these parameters and generate final results.
+ Iterate through kern tube counts using the multiple cases feature

Automated mode for multiple case simulation: instead of manually changing values to add a case, this mode
will do the exact without user intervention. The manual mode is still avialable too.
You can now perform a simulation study by changing any of the parameters under the Study scenarios below:
Study parameters 1:
Tube outer diameter, Tube number of passes, Tube length, Number of tubes, Baffle spacing
Study parameters 2:
Uses kern tube counts to iterated between Shell diameters to obtain the number of tubes for a given number of passes.

User can set the study parameters and the software will automate the calculation steps and add the final result to summary screen
where the changes between each can can be detected.
This case study mode will automate the manual input for trial and error to optimise results.

S&THex v3.5.0.6

+ Update Microsoft report viewer package resposible for generating Engineering datasheet

S&THex v3.5.0.5

+ Upgrade to Microsoft dot net framework 4.8
+ Fixed a bug that affect user correlations display when refresh button is used in rating and design modes

S&THex v3.5.0.4

+ Rating mode – added a new selection in correlations list box (Step 6 and Step 7) to calculate Nusselt number from heat transfer coefficient input Nusselt correlation even if you want to enter the heat transfer coefficient.
+ Implemented check for software updates, this displays the latest version and update history
+ Added water and steam properties (WStProps)
+ Added show and hide left and right panels under view menu

S&THex v3.5.0.3

+ Fixed a display bug in step 14 for Tube sheet thickness when U-Tube Exchanger is used

S&THex v3.5.0.2

+ Maintenance release

S&THex v3.5.0.1

+ Fixed bug affecting retrieving Nusselt user correlations when user is using comma for decimal point separator

S&THex v3.5.0.0

+ Maintenance release addressing software licensing on new activation server
+ Added license information screen can be accessed from Help menu

S&THex v3.4.0.1

+ Maintenance release addressed software digital signature and end user license agreement

S&THex v3.4.0.0

+ Upgrade multi case feature to allow cases to be reloaded from a case list window
+ Backup and restore user databases feature added
+ Some Optimisation to saving cases feature

S&THex v3.3.0.4 

+ Update to Nusselt user number correlations, user can designate correlation side “Shell”, “Tube” or “Both”
+ Correlation added by user will now show up in correlation selection screens per designation above
+ Enhance Chart plot feature
+ Added temperature profile plot to generate a chart window
+ Added temperature cross warning (Design Mode) – if software detects a temperature cross, it will warn the user at Step 4
+ Software will also show a chart window for user to plot the temperature profile for the detected warning above.

S&THex v3.3.0.3 

+ New fouling factors tables
+ Minor correction to Nusselt user correlations screen, deleting a row will now clear the Correlation Label text.

S&THex v3.3.0.2 

+ Bug correction in design mode advisory notes display

S&THex v3.3.0.1 

+ Consistency check to state location of error (Rating mode and design mode)

S&THex v3.3.0.0

+ Added calculation for Required Overall heat transfer coefficient (Design Mode)
+ Added Thermal design advisory notes (Design Mode)
+ Overall heat transfer coefficients data table update
+ Compare unlimited cases in data grid table
+ Add your own Nusselt correlation (Design Mode & Rating Mode)
+ Added support for estimating one Temperature on Tube side if Shell side has latent heat transfer (Design Mode)
+ Added support for estimating one Temperature on the Shell side if the Tube side has latent heat transfer (Design Mode)
+ Fixed a bug that affect Jh factor input box display during correlation selection (Design Mode & Rating Mode)
+ Fixed a bug affecting some variables display in the rating mode summary display screen
+ Fixed a bug that affect duty calculation in some case scenarios.
+ Extend consistency check to first and second calculate button (Design Mode)

S&THex v3.2.0.0

+ Migrated to Microsoft .net Framework 4.5
+ Improve loading of default and custom software settings for design mode
+ Software now remembers the last file name saved during run time, and prompt for a new file name if a new case is created, this avoids having to keep typing in the filename and set location if you are re-saving the same project
+ More temperature estimation cases covered, the software can now estimate any two unknown temperatures, providing that the temperatures are on different sides, the heat load/duty is known and the flow rates on both sides are known
+ Added Tube clearance calculation for both rating and design modes
+ Added illustration drawing for tube pitch
+ Issue warning when tube pitch is smaller than or equal to the tube outer diameter.
+ Bug fixes

S&THex v3.1.0.0

+ Added Unit converter (23 measurement units including 200 individual units)

S&THex v3.0.0.0

+ New user interface
+ New help file
+ Migrated to Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 Client profile
+ Added Tube wall temperature calculation
+ Added Eagle and Ferguson (1930) tube side correlation
+ Added Petukhov-Kirillov tube side correlation
+ Added McAdams shell side correlation + Added Taborek shell side correlation
+ Added Reiher shell side correlation
+ Added Maximum baffle spacing for unsupported straight tube
+ Added Shell and tube velocity checks
+ Added Pressure drops checks
+ Added support for calculating exit temperatures for shell and tube sides in design mode
+ The software will now save your default unit of measurement and will always start with your default unit of measurement
+ Added Birmingham Wire Gage Scale
+ Added support for entering heat transfer coefficient in design and rating modes
+ Added heat transfer coefficient table
+ Added material thermal conductivity table
+ Added new tube counts tables
+ Added the ability to directly store information to user databases from design and rating interface
+ Added software global setting screen
+ Added Maximum design velocities inside tubes for liquids calculator
+ Added the ability to Plot Duty Versus Temperature Chart (Design and Rating modes)
+ Added the ability to Plot Number of tube passes versus Tube side pressure drop Chart (Design and Rating modes)
+ Added Cleanliness factor calculation
+ The software can now select from two methods to calculate the pressure drops in design mode
+ New designed summary and software engineering datasheet
+ Fixed a bug that affect the calculated mass velocity when volumetric flow is used in design mode

S&THex v1.6.0.0

+ Physical properties database separate interface
+ Export Physical properties to Ms Excel or XML file.
+ Import Physical properties from XML file.
+ Export Summary to Shell & Tube Engineering Data sheet to Ms Excel or pdf format
+ Fouling Factors
+ Improved user interface
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.5.0.0

+ Added Fixed Tube sheet tube counts
+ Added general Tube Sizes
+ Added Rating mode
+ Added Overall heat transfer coefficient calculations for clean and fouled conditions
+ Added Effectiveness, Number of transfer units and Thermal capacity ratio calculation
+ Added Pumping power calculation
+ Added the ability to enter Nusselt number in the correlations section + Added Gnielinski correlation to tube side
+ Improved user interface
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.4.0.0

+ Added Software property estimation database (liquids property estimation only)
+ Added Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients Table + Added new saving function
+ Ability to import and export to Microsoft Excel
+ Improved user interface
+ Estimation of Jh (heat transfer factor) – in correlations section
+ Added Shell/Nozzle/Channel/Head/Tube sheet Thickness Calculation
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.3.0.0

+ Added Databases (empty user databases)
+ Improved saving functionality
+ Added print screen functions
+ Fixed some common programming bugs

S&THex v1.2.0.0

+ Added English (U.S. Units)
+ Added Shell diameter calculation
+ Added Scale resistance calculation/calculator
+ Added Nozzle pressure drop calculation/calculators
+ Added drawing summary
+ Added some mechanical calculation

S&THex v1.1.0.0

+ Improved software interface
+ Added more correlations

S&THex v1.0.0.0

+ First Release