vertical thermosiphon reboiler software

VTD Video

Vertical thermosiphon design demonstration video Example 1 English / US Units Example 2 – SI Units Features 00:01:12 Water and steam properties00:02:16 Fouling factors00:02:46 Heat transfer coefficients00:03:00 Material thermal conductivity00:03:24 Units converter00:04:09 Fluids user database for storing custom properties00:04:40 Importing physical properties Storing data in fluids user database

STHex Version History

Below are all the update history for shell and tube heat exchanger design software S&THex v3.5.0.6 + Update Microsoft report viewer package resposible for generating Engineering datasheet S&THex v3.5.0.5 + Upgrade to Microsoft dot net framework 4.8 + Fixed a bug that affect user correlations display when refresh button is used in rating and design modes S&THex v3.5.0.4 + Rating mode – added a new…

Shell & Tube Heat exchanger Video

Latest video clip for that demonstrates the use of shell and tube heat exchanger design (S&THex) software. The video explores some features and shows an example. Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – interface (Software version v3.5.0) Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – Design Mode Example 1  (Software version v3.5.0)  Importing physical property file to shell and tube heat exchanger…

Condenser design video

This video clip demonstrates the features for Shell and tube condenser design (CnD) software Video Contents 00:00:00 Main screen menus and buttons 00:01:01 Units converter 00:01:32 Tube Counts 00:02:08 Fouling Factors 00:02:29 User Data input screens 00:04:02 Overall heat transfer coefficients & BWG 00:06:03 Example 1 – SI Units 00:12:11 Example 2 – US Units 00:17:31 Importing physical properties