This is the latest demonstration video clip for Process engineering calculator software, this video demonstrate all software features.

Process engineering calculator is a set of 25 common calculators grouped into one software.
The software aims to provide a productive environment for all users. The calculations are carried out and produced
in summarized report that can be copied and used in other external calculations.
The software currently stands at 25 calculators but have the potential to grow further in the near future.
Timeline ——————————
00:00:00 Tools and some features
00:03:09 API Gravity Calculator
00:03:46 Cavitation Coefficient Calculator
00:04:49 Cavitation Number Calculator
00:05:40 Control Valve Sizing Calculator
00:08:39 Erosional Velocity Calculator
00:09:52 Head Loss Calculator
00:10:45 Heat Exchanger Temperature Calculator
00:11:49 Heat Duty Calculator (Heat transfer rate)
00:12:36 Hydraulic Diameter Calculator
00:13:10 Linear Interpolation Calculator
00:13:47 Log Mean Temperature Difference Calculator (LMTD)
00:14:23 Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day Converter (MMScfd converter)
00:15:05 Inlet and Outlet Nozzles pressure drop calculator for Shell and Tube heat exchangers
00:15:21 Orifice Sizing Calculator
00:16:57 Pipe Friction Factor Calculator
00:17:50 Pipe Sizing Calculator
00:18:29 Pumping Power Calculator
00:19:26 Relief Valve Sizing Calculator
00:23:04 Reynolds Number Calculator
00:23:43 Scale Resistance Calculator
00:23:57 Sonic Velocity Calculator
00:24:38 Vapor Pressure Calculator (Antoine Equation)
00:25:46 Velocity in Pipes Calculator
00:26:29 Vessel Volume Calculator
00:27:36 Vessel Liquid Height