Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design (S&THex). Very easy to use and user friendly.

S&THex is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design and rating calculations of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. The software unlike other tools, ensures that the calculations are performed step by step to help in understanding the calculations.

Software Features

  • Step by step design and rating calculations.
  • Support S.I Units and English (U.S) Units of measurement
  • Rating and Design Modes
  • Units converter containing 23 measurements and 200 units conversions
  • Save, Load and generate result in different formats
  • Compare unlimited cases in data grid table
  • Add your own Nusselt number correlation to be used in the design mode or rating mode. The correlation can be added in the following format;
    Nusselt number = C * [Reynolds number ^ a] * [Prandtl number ^ b] * [Viscosity term ^ c]
    Where; C, a, b and c are input variable defined by the user. the user can also choose to omit the viscosity term if needed.


• Generate Results and export it to Shell & Tube Engineering Data sheet that can be also saved as a .pdf document.
• Export results to Microsoft excel generated data sheet for editing.
• Export Results summary to .csv file format that can be opened in Microsoft Excel• Export Results summary to .rtf file format that can be opened in Microsoft Word
• Print preview / print Results summary


The software performs many thermal analysis calculations and some mechanical calculations, as it is too lengthy to list all the calculations, a summary has been listed below.

  • Unknown Flow rate on either shell or tube side
  • Unknown temperature on shell side or tube side
  • Unknown exit temperatures on both sides
  • Duty, Area, Shell and Tube velocities
  • Number of Baffles and Baffle spacing, Number of tubes, Scale resistance (dirt factor)
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient for both Clean, Fouled and Required conditions
  • Select from different correlations to calculate shell or tube heat transfer coefficient
  • Shell/Tube side Reynolds & Nusselt numbers
  • Pressure Drops
  • Recommended minimum shell thickness, minimum recommended number & diameter of rods.
  • Calculate Shell/Nozzle/Channel/Head/Tube sheet Thickness.
  • Number of transfer units, Effectiveness, Thermal capacity ratio
  • Pumping power / Inlet and Exit Nozzles pressure losses / Scale resistance Calculators
  • Ability to import properties to Shell/Tube sides form Microsoft Excel very useful if you want to import your own physical properties Included


Click here to download the demo version of the product. Please also note that the demo version of this software will only operate with set examples which are restricted in our demo version.  The full version of this product does not have any restrictions.

We don’t offer a fully working demo version.

To check the latest update history of this software against the version you have to see what was added please click here

Screen Shots

To see more screen shots please follow the links on our screen shots page

To view a demonstration video on YouTube please see below:
Interface video – Click here
Design Mode Example 1 – Click here
Design Mode Example 2 – Click here
Rating mode example 1 – Click here
Rating mode example 2 – Click here
Importing physical property file – Click here
Temperature calculation video clip click here

shell and tube heat exchanger

More Features


  • Estimate the Physical properties of pure components for more than 1450 components; the database has the ability to estimate Thermal Conductivity, Density, Heat Capacity and Viscosity. The database also included critical properties, boiling and melting points and come as a standalone interface but easily integrated with the software.
  • Ability to add your own properties in the additional user databases.
  • Backup and restore user databases
  • Tube counts
  • Fouling factors and Overall heat transfer coefficients included.
  • Material thermal conductivities
  • Standard pipe sizes and Birmingham Wire Gage Scale
  • Water and steam properties

Chart Plotting Feature

  • Heat duty versus Temperature
  • Number of Tube passes Versus Tube side Pressure Drop
  • Temperature profile (inlet and outlet temperature profile for both shell and tube sides)

Below are a tabulated list of calculations, this list below isn’t conclusive and other calculations are also performed based on conditions.

Calculation Rating Mode

Rate an existent Design

Design Mode

Design a New Exchanger

Unknown Inlet temperature on either shell or tube / hot or cold sides Calculate
Unknown Outlet temperature on either shell or tube / hot or cold sides Calculate
Unknown two Temperatures one shell side and another tube sides Calculate
Unknown Flow rate on either sides Calculate Mass flow or Volumetric flow based on selection
Shell Diameter Calculate or Enter
Shell Thickness Calculate or Enter
Minimum Recommended Shell Thickness Calculate
Baffle Diameter Calculate
Baffle minimum recommended thickness Calculate
Bundle to Shell clearance Calculate or Enter
Baffle to Shell diametral clearance Calculate or Enter
Number of Baffles Calculate
Baffle Spacing Calculate or Enter
Prandtl numbers, Reynolds numbers Calculate Calculate
Unknown Outlet temperatures on both sides Calculate Calculate
Heat Duty Required input but can Calculate Calculate or Enter if Exit temperatures are unknown
Heat Transfer Area Required input but can Calculate Calculate
Log Mean Temperature Difference (Co-Current and Counter Current Flows) Calculate Calculate
Tube wall temperature Calculate
Velocities (Shell and Tube sides) Calculate Calculate
Volumetric Flow rate Calculate Calculate
Number of tubes Required input Calculate
Tube to tube Clearance Calculate Calculate
Number of tubes per pass Calculate Calculate
Tube cross sectional Calculate Calculate
Area per pass Calculate Calculate
Number of transfer units Calculate Calculate
Effectiveness Calculate Calculate
Thermal Capacity Ratio Calculate Calculate
Nusselt Number Calculate based on correlation selection or Enter Calculate based on correlation selection or Enter
Heat Transfer Coefficients on both sides Calculate or Enter Calculate or Enter
Scale Resistance (Dirt Factor) Calculate Calculate
Pressure Drops: Shell/Tube/Nozzles Calculate Calculate
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients (Clean and Design) Calculate Calculate
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients (Required) Calculate
Over design and Over Surface Calculate
Tube hole diameter – Baffles Calculate
Recommended Tie Rod diameter Calculate
Minimum number of Tie Rods Calculate
Head Thickness Calculate
Nozzles Thickness Calculate
Tube Sheet Thickness Calculate
Tube Channel Thickness Calculate

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Window 11 framework 4.8 installed