ChemEng Economics Calculator (Process economics calculator) was mainly made to do the basic method of estimating the Net Present Value of a process plant.

This easy to use software also include few small calculators.Virus scan
Please Note that this Software is only available for Windows Operating Systems!

List of main features:

(A) Net Present Value:- the software goes through a series of calculations to do the estimate!. Starting from,

1. Fixed Capital Investment: the ability to chose from “Purchased Cost” of plant items, hence the estimation of FIXED & TOTAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT (Direct and Indirect Costs), OR “Installed Costs” of plant items where the software will use a FIXED CAPITAL INVESTMENT multiplyer to take into accout the additional cost associated with building the plant.

2. Operating Labour: through a basic series of “Auxiliary
Facilities” and “Process Equipment” lists the software will estimate the TOTAL NUMBER OF OPERATOR NEEDED & ANNUAL COST OF OPERATING LABOUR. You simply enter the “Expected Annual Salary of Operators in The Plant” and “The Number of Units”, the software will then calculate the “THE NUMBER OF OPERATORS NEEDED PER SHIFT” .

3. Utilities: To calculate the “TOTAL UTILITY COSTS/YEAR”.

4. Raw Materials & Profits: Calculates the ANNUAL cost of Raw Materials and ANNUAL Products Profits.

5. Production Costs: Calculate the ANNUAL Production Costs (customised calculations).

6. Assumptions: The software uses assumptions to estimate the NET PRESENT VALUE. You can customise the assumptions to suit your needs, “Plant Construction Period up to 5 Years”, “Depreciation Period from 3 to 20 Years”, “Plant Operation Period up to 20 Years”, you can also set the “Tax Rate %”, “Discounted Cash Flow Rate %” and “Salvage Value %”, You can also SET INFLATION RATE.
The “Depreciation” values in this software are calculated using the “Sum-of-the-years-digits method” – it’s an arbitrary process for determining depreciation which gives results similar to those obtained by the declining-balance method.

7. Final Results: The Software will display a complete table of final results.

8. Charts: The Software can summarize the final results by also plotting “Line Chart” and “Bar Chart”.

Other Small Calculators Included:
(B) Estimation of Total Plat Cost – Overall Basis:- the total cost of a proposed plan can be estimated from the total cost of a similar reference plan with this small tool.

(C) Exponential Estimation:- similar tool to previous, can estimate the cost of plant items.

(D) Updating Estimates:- updates estimates using cost indexes.

(E) Exponential Cost Estimating Total Plant Cost from Individual Cost Sections:- use any historical data similar to the proposed plant to determine the exponents that correlate each of the categories and sub-categories, using capacity as a measure of scale.

ChemEng Economic Calculator

System Requirements

Windows operating system, tested on windows xp and windows 7. should also work on the latest windows operating system